Computer Repair

Sound Computers is the ultimate authority on computer repair and computer services in Westbrook, as well as throughout all of the Connecticut shoreline. Whether it be onsite emergency computer repair in CT, laptop repair, desktop repair, pc repair, notebook repair, or even printer repair, Sound Computers does it all. We offer several different computer repair and maintenance services including virus removal, system upgrades, computer repair advice, on site computer repairs (both home computer repairs and business computer repairs) as well as off site work for those customers who desire it. With our years of technology experience, dedication to excellence, and affordable computer repair prices, Sound Computers is a sure bet for all of your computer repair needs. To learn more about the various professional computer repair services we offer, please read on.

Free Diagnostics
We want to fix your computer as quickly and efficiently as possible. The first step of the repair process is always to run a diagnostic so the problem can be isolated. Unlike most computer repair companies, we never charge for computer diagnostics. You will not be charged one penny until we are actually fixing your computer and not just determining what is wrong with it.

On Site/Off Site Repair
Our staff of computer repair technicians can serve customers both on site and off site. We excel in the area of emergency onsite computer repair, so we’ll always be there to save the day when you need us. If you need your computer fixed as quickly as possible and can’t afford to have it leave the office or your home for any amount of time, we can work right from your location. If you need computer repair but would prefer that the work is not performed at your home or business, we can also conduct computer repairs off site at our central office location. In addition to computer repair and laptop repair, we also offer printer repair, monitor repair, iPod repair and more. 

System Upgrades
If you aren’t getting the most out of your computer, or if it’s just not performing quite like it used to, the team at Sound Computers can give it a much needed shot in the arm through a system upgrades. We can run computer upgrades for any operating system, whether it be Windows, Mac, or Linux. A computer system upgrade from Sound Computers can increase your computer’s memory, speed up all applications, update to the latest versions of all software programs, and much more. To learn more about what a system upgrade from Sound Computers can do for you, feel free to give us a call at (860)577-8060 or e-mail us 

Virus Removal
At one point or another, everyone has had to deal with a troublesome computer virus. Everybody knows that they can be a real headache and that getting rid of them can be very time consuming. Lucky for you, the Sound Computers staff can make short work of any virus through our top notch worm removal, trojan removal, and malware removal. Our virus removal is second to none and is always performed in a speedy and efficient manner. We can remove viruses, remove adware, remove trojans, remove malware/adware as well as any other bug your computer might happen to get with speed and ease.