Sound Computers offers the best and most convenient web hosting in Connecticut. Based in Westbrook, CT, Sound Computers offers strong and reliable networking services in many areas, including, but not limited to voice over IP (VOIP) Phone Systems, network installation services, business intranet installation and maintenance, e-mail network setup and maintenance, remote access server connections, and more.

Voice Over IP (VOIP) Phone Systems

Sound Computers can provide you with and help you set up enterprise and business class VOIP phone systems. Our technicians also have the ability to configure SIP trunks. Our technicians will make it possible for you to have a cheap and smart voip system. We will help you to get the most out of your business wifi phones.

Network Installation

Sound Computers has all of the network tools of the trade needed to install, configure, and maintain wireless networks, business intranets, business and home workstations, and more. We offer the best of the best network installation in CT. Our technicians are also fully capable of performing services such as running wires, configuring servers, setting up home internet connections, and assisting with any router and modem issues you may have.

Remote Access Server Connections

To provide our customers with the maximum of convenience, the staff at Sound Computers provides remote access server connections. This computer remote access allows a business owner to access their business networks and files from their homes or any other location where they might desire.

E-Mail Network Setup

For the best in business communications, a solid and reliable e-mail system is a key piece of the puzzle. We pride ourselves on our track record of satisfied customers who swear by our e-mail network setup services. Whether you host your e-mail yourself or are looking for a third party provider, Sound Computers is there to help. We can both set up e-mail networks as well as hosting them, so when it comes to your business communication needs, Sound Computers has all the answers.